Pirate And Pixy

Pirate And Pixy


Ahoy there mate’…there has been some mention of a lost treasure. We need your lil’ captain to gather up his crewmates and prepare for this exciting voyage. The buried treasure awaits these brave pirates.


Legend has it that two of the greatest pirates to ever live, One- eyed Willy & Captain Blue Beard have hidden this missing treasure on the Island of Gulligan Bay. We must follow the treasure map and decode the clues to retrieve the treasure. Arrrghhh you ready for a swashbucklin’ good time? !! X marks the spot…Let’s hit the deck and set sail!


Table Decor
Black and Red Table setting with skulls, gold coins, jewels, treasure chest & other themed centerpiece, linen table cloth, coordinating linen napkin, gold jeweled goblets and other wonderful decor


Chair Covers
Young men will sit upon red children’s chairs with black sashes


Young lads with dress in standard pirate attire: Captain hook hats or theme head scarfs, & red and white pin striped pirate vests


A Pirate story, ole man Scruffy’s lost treasure hunt, sword fighting, face paint/tattoo, walking the plank and cannon ball toss more
Pirate Craft
Sword decorating craft