Star Wars

Star Wars


Hidden away in a remote planet called Earth, your son’s Jedi training will begin. It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy and the Sith have learned of the birthday boy and have come to destroy. To overcome this threat… your son and friends will need strength and courage to defeat the sith and preserve the order of Jedi.


Galactic Table Decor
Blue, white and black table settings with star wars themed party plates, real linens, coordinating napkins, star wars cups and other coordinating table decorations


Chair Covers
Young men will sit upon cloth white chair covers with blue sashes (will fit most dining and folding chairs)


Dress up in standard Jedi style tunic, light sabers, Darth Vadar mask


Fun & Games
Boys must begin their training by taking the Jedi oath, sword fighting,destroy the death star and more

Decorate your own sword, make your own death star